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Who We Are

District 26 (D26) is comprised of clubs that serve boating communities throughout South Carolina and Coastal Georgia. 


D26 volunteers work to support the success of our clubs and the national United States Power Squadrons/America's Boating Club organization. 


D26 organizes District-wide events: collaborative educational programs, boating activities, volunteer training/workshops, and conferences. D26 engages with the national organization on policy and operational matters and serves as a liaison between our clubs and the national organization. 

Our Members

Our members are individuals, couples, and families with children who enjoy recreational boating, support the overarching mission of the United States Power Squadrons/America's Boating Club organization, and volunteer their time and talent for the betterment of their club and community.

Our Goals

  • Supporting our clubs' boater education, community service, and membership goals. 

  • Facilitating shared learning and experience among clubs.

  • Providing valuable boating, educational, and social experiences for members across South Carolina and Coastal Georgia.

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