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Educational Opportunities in District 26

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Club Offerings


All USPS/America's Boating Club curriculum is designed to help you be a safer, more knowledgeable, and more confident boater. To see clubs' scheduled offerings, visit the Our Clubs page, and click on the Upcoming Courses links.


If you are a new boater or need a refresher, start with America's Boating Course, taught by course leaders who have a passion for helping students learn, certified instructor credentials, strong technical knowledge, and real-world experience. Our America's Boating Course trifold shares the benefits and features of this great course.


Continue your education with courses and seminars on specialized topics, and be sure to ask your local club about on-water training. OuBecome a Better Boater trifold describes all of our educational programs. And click on the Course Descriptions and Seminar Descriptions pages for more detailed information about each class's benefits and features.


Talk to your local club's Educational Officer or the D26 Educational Officer.

D26 Offerings


Need a class that is not offered by your club or a club near you? Contact the D26 Educational Officer, and we will do our best to help you. 

As a complement to club offerings, D26 offers classes and on-water training programs that are open to members from across our district. Some are offered in person at district conferences and district-sponsored events; others are offered in virtual classrooms where you can learn anywhere you have internet access. 

Offerings will be listed in our quarterly 026° True newsletter, in the registration materials for conferences, and in notices to your local club's Educational Officer.

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