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Public Relations & Partnerships

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America's Boating Course
Approved by NASBLA and
SC & GA 
State Boating Law Administrators 


Every three years, America's Boating Course is reviewed and its updates approved by:

  • The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA

  • Individual state boating law administrators

This partnership ensures America's Boating Course meets the boater education requirements of the jurisdictions for which it is approved. 

South Carolina's Department of Natural Resources includes our clubs' America's Boating Course offerings on its Boating Course Calendar

Georgia's Department of Natural Resources does not currently list our clubs' offerings, but its website has links to clubs that offer in-person education


Questions? Talk to your local club's Educational Officer or the D26 Educational Officer.

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Featured Partner


Freedom Boat Club franchises are locally owned and operated and encourage their members to complete a NASBLA-approved safe boating course.


Freedom Boat Club helps us to promote America's Boating Course offerings to its members. Some franchises reimburse graduates for course fees and promote member participation in our clubs' on-water training programs.

Visit your local Freedom Boat Club to say hello and learn more.

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