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Education "How-To" Guides

Course Completion Certificates

  • Find/Print a Course/Seminar Completion Certificate (Word, PDF)
    (Note: Members can download their own completion certificates; SEOs/ASEOs and DEOs/ADEOs can download anyone's completion certificate)

  • Find/View/Save/Print Any Member's Training History (Word, PDF)

  • Download Squadron/District Members’ Course Completion Info (Word, PDF)

HQ800 Student Management

  • Modify or Delete a Record for a Student Enrolled in an ABC3 Class (Word, PDF)

  • Record Boat Handling Course/Seminar Attendance (Word, PDF)


Certified OTW Programs

  • Find/Download the BOC-IN Skills Checklist (Word, PDF)

  • Find/Download Your BOC Passport Record (Word, PDF)

  • Find a Member’s BOC Training Record (Word, PDF)

  • Find/Download the Hands-On Training-Boat Operator Certification Training PPT (Word, PDF)

  • Find/Download BOC Certifier Training and Reference Materials (Word, PDF)

  • Record BOC Skills Completions (Word, PDF)
    (Note: Updates can be completed by the DEO, ADEO or BOC certifiers)

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